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About Us

Rooted in Science, Grounded in Transparency.

We are guided and rooted in science because we believe that health and wellness grows from within. A healthy outside stems from what we put inside, providing real results you can feel. By being grounded in transparency and premium quality, DINO DIRT® has become one of the most trusted health supplements available on the market today. Our products are independent third party lab tested, with the certificates of analysis results published and shared on our website so that our customers can shop with confidence, and most importantly, know that what they are putting in their bodies is safe and effective.

Our Story

DINO DIRT®, created in 2018, is a culmination of knowledge and experience collected over nearly 30 years in the healthcare industry. In a brief summary, what we have learned is that most illnesses can be directly linked to vitamin and mineral deficiencies and chronic dehydration. Our soils continue to be massively depleted of the nutritional benefits our ancestors enjoyed. Synthetic vitamins and minerals do not seem to be the answer. Dino Dirt was developed to address these growing concerns by offering a different way to gently, safely and conveniently put back in our bodies what is missing, real vitamins, minerals and nutrients from ancient soil.

We remain focused solely on Dino Dirt’s exclusive formulation that we use over our entire product line. Our company’s mission has never been to be the largest health supplement company out there, with hundreds or even thousands of different products on offer, all for the sake of profit. Dino Dirt’s mission will always be to deliver safe, effective and premium Dino Dirt products exclusively, that are hand crafted in small batches, using only the finest ingredients available on the planet, delivered in safe, compact and convenient, easy to carry and use delivery systems, at an affordable price with great customer service and free shipping on all U.S. orders. We also offer a no hassle 60 Day, money back guarantee. So start your health journey with us today by putting back in what the modern world took out.

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